ADHD treatment is the most commonly provided service by Jeanne Russell, PA-C, and Elliott Schwartz, PA-C at Clear Lake Kids Psychiatry. Children in the Clear Lake, Houston, Texas area can get compassionate and effective treatment here.


What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder often referred to as ADHD, is a behavioral condition that is the most common mental disorder diagnosed in children today, affecting about 11 percent of children today.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

There may be many different symptoms, and each child's symptoms can be unique. ADHD types include predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, and combination. Children with ADHD may be easily distracted, may not complete tasks, may appear to not listen, and may not pay attention in class. Other symptoms may include daydreaming, problems with staying organized and making careless mistakes. Some children with ADHD have trouble staying seated, are unable to play quietly, and may talk excessively. Sometimes parents say that their child with ADHD has such high energy that they appear to be motor-powered at times. Some children with ADHD have trouble with waiting in line or with waiting to be called on in class.

How is ADHD diagnosed?

At Clear Lake Kids Psychiatry, each patient will be physically and psychologically evaluated on an individual basis. Most of the evaluation is done with a careful history, the review of any previous neuro-psychological testing and screening forms form parents and teachers. A laboratory evaluation is done for each patient. We have the ability to do drug-gene testing if needed to evaluate how the child's body responds to medications.

How is ADHD treated?

Treatment for ADHD and other conditions is most successful when the health care professional and the family work together to meet the needs of the child.

Most children and families benefit from therapy to help them navigate the struggles they may have. Parenting a child with behavior problems often requires a different approach. Ms. Russell works closely with the therapists in her office to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible, and to find and nurture each child's gifts.

What are the positive effects of ADHD?

While ADHD brings its challenges, it also has some positive effects. Children with ADHD have plenty of energy and drive, they are highly enthusiastic and spontaneous, and they are often very creative. In short, kids with ADHD can be a lot of fun! When ADHD is properly treated, the best aspects of the child's personality will be intact while the negative behaviors will be reduced or eliminated.